Validate your carbon project before it hits the market with Gemini Pre-issuance Reviews.

Pre-issuance reviews for nature-based projects.


Unlike the others, we show our work.

Pre-Issuance Product Guide

Pre-Issuance Rubric

What Gemini Can Do For You

The moment you decide what project type you’d like to pursue, your Gemini pre-issuance experience begins.


We’ll score your potential project sites

Helping you figure out the optimal locations for your project.

Analysis of carbon stock and baseline risks for your targeted landscape.

We’ll model potential profitability of the future project.

We’ll report on the risks to regional ecology, such as wildfire, drought, and insects.


Get calculations for the potential value of your geography’s carbon offset projects

We’ll leverage our Deep Transparency methodology to help you:

Find out how many carbon offsets you can expect to generate from your target project areas.

Identify potential challenges to operations, governance, and community engagement.

Develop a firm understanding of the impact of planned conservation, protection, and restoration efforts.

Get a better understanding of how Renoster would evaluate a project developed in these locations.


We’ll also review your completed project design documentation to evaluate risks and red flags.

Unlike the others, we show our work.

Analysis of carbon stock and baseline risks analysis for your target geography, including annual carbon credit issuance inferences.

Model profitability.

Qualitative natural risk assessment of regional ecology (ie: fire and insect risk).

Let’s get started.

Get reliable, trustworthy carbon project analysis leveraging the world’s best remote sensing technology and our signature, no-nonsense approach.